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What It’s Like Interning At An Indie Record Label

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Madeline Cronin

Most people hear the word intern and they assume that you get coffee for all the important people that work at the company. For me, that was not the case, quite the opposite in fact. I never had to get coffee for anyone.

I interned at SideOneDummy records in Los Angeles, CA for a year and it was awesome. I learned a ton about the inner workings of a record label. I helped out the marketing department, doing everything from contacting record stores across the country to working on the Warped Tour compilation album.

I had a small amount of experience coming into this. Pretty much all I had done in music up to this point was street teaming. If you’re looking to get some experience, street teaming is a great way to do just that. You learn a lot of important things from street teaming and it gives you some great opportunities such as working a day at Warped Tour.

On a Friday afternoon I ditched the second half of my science class and drove up to LA. I was super nervous for my interview but I made it through. The interview wasn’t that scary once it started, plus there was a dog in the office that day and dogs make everything better.

I landed the internship and I started about two weeks later. I was still pretty nervous that day but it was alright. I worked in a small office downstairs. The first day was cool because Sorority Noise stopped by that day and we all had tacos together for lunch. I also got to see them perform the next day at Chain Reaction which was awesome.

By far the coolest thing about interning at S1D was working on the Warped Tour Compilation CD. I helped out with editing the credits for the album and some of the contract stuff for the bands. It was so cool to learn the process that the label has to go through to make this album. It involved a lot of steps, a lot more than I thought.

Overall, interning here was a great introduction into working at a label which hopefully I will be able to do one day. If you have any interest in working at a label or working in the music industry I totally suggest trying to intern somewhere. Having a bit of experience is an important thing and loving music is obviously important as well. Lastly, make sure you know some of the bands on the label and actually have a favorite or two, that’s important.

If you could intern at any record label, which one would it be?

We pick Red Bedroom Records (Sup, Peyton Sawyer?) Join the conversation, tweet us!

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