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Mayday Parade – A Lesson In Romantics 10th Anniversary Tour

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

You can still write a concert review/summary-thing even if you couldn’t actually see the concert, right? It’s just the music we need to discuss? Good, because Milestones, Knuckle Puck, and Mayday Parade put on a damn good sounding show. Who cares if you’re stuck behind a pillar for 3 ½ hours – this live set still needs to be discussed, yes?

Let us begin with Milestones. Reigning from the UK, Milestones are relatively new to the scene – their debut EP Equal Measures was only released last year. Their moms and dads over at Fearless Records describe them as a “refreshing blend of alternative and pop punk sensibilities”, and we must say, they aren’t wrong. Equal Measures is like hopping into a cool public fountain after a very long day of walking in the humidity. Oh, and, if you need recommendations, “Nothing Left” and “Shot In The Dark” were pretty gosh dang good live & in person. Check ‘em out on Spotify!

And so we move further into the night where we meet the epitome of pop punk – Knuckle Puck. No skinny jean-loving, vans-rocking, denim jacket-sporting pop punk fan is capable of disliking these guys, and their live set proved why. The Chicago natives practically SHOOK the room with their energy, and with frontman Joe Taylor quite literally jumping all over the place, no person in a Knuckle Puck pit is caught standing still. Not only is their energy captivating, but their music is just plain fantastic, enough said. Need some song suggestions? “Pretense” and “Evergreen”. You’re welcome.

Oh, and, not to mention – the Evergreen music video is like the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. Check it.

At last, we have Mayday Parade. It’s hard to even remember a time when these guys weren’t among our iPod playlists somewhere or another. 10 years ago, in fact, is how far we are remembering – and we were how old then? 8? 10? 13? Needless to say, Mayday have been with the pop punk scene since it’s early years, which is actually the whole reason they went on tour.

A Lesson In Romantics, their first full length release, has been with us since 2007, so why not go on tour to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary? Playing the album in full every night (PLUS MORE), being onstage for nearly two hours, performing to kids and adults that find their own meaning within the songs – it was a pretty epic birthday party. So epic, in fact, that we can’t even choose a song or two to recommend to the Mayday newbies that might still be out there. Just listen to the whole album.

Haven’t caught the A Lesson In Romantics Anniversary Tour yet? You’re in luck. Not only will you be hearing (and hopefully seeing) some great bands perform, but they’re still on tour until the end of May. Meaning you can catch more than one show.

Check out the dates below!

Have you been to any dates on this tour?

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