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Up-And-Comer Spotlight : Sure

Posted on 2 m read

Listen up, dudes. I’m always on the hunt for some stellar local talent, so when I stumbled on to Sure, I knew I hit the jackpot.

Not only is this trio from Toronto, but their music is something that I personally find unique to the local scene. While they only have one recorded song out right now (check it on Spotify!), you …

Pierce The Veil rock the Rest In Space tour

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

It doesn’t matter if you’re a former emo kid or total astronomy nerd; Pierce The Veil’s Rest In Space tour is where you need to be, like, now.

The tour, which kicked off February 17th in Oregon, held its fifth show of the tour in Edmonton Thursday night, doing no shortage in leaving …

Andy Black – The Homecoming Tour: Curtain Call

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

If fans unintentionally break the barricade within the first ten minutes of the night, you know that something impressive is in store.

Emos and non-emos alike pooled to Edmonton’s Starlite Room Sunday night to see the Emo King himself, Andy Black, perform debut solo album The Shadow Side. Black, who is more …

Pit Etiquette – Hints & Tips from Photographers

Posted on 4 m read

Written by Lexi Shannon

If you’re sitting here reading this, I’ll assume you’re in the same boat I was in a few months ago. You have a camera and know how to work it, have shot a few local shows, have a publication to contribute to, and the best part? Just scored a photo pass to your favorite band’s show.

For me, …

Artist Spotlight: Yuna

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Shasha Abushara

You know that feeling you get when you’re driving around with some of your favorite people and you don’t have anywhere to be or anything to worry about? It’s arguably one of the best feelings in the world and the only thing better than that is finding music that makes you feel that way, too. Yuna is a …

Devendra Banhart takes on Orlando

Written by Marimar Toledo

Going to concerts alone may seem like a frightening journey but can actually be so enjoyable. Not that jamming with friends or making asses of yourselves dancing your booties off together on a dance floor isn’t fun in its own way, but there are certain artists you sometimes enjoy in solitude. When I’m thinking about life, reading a book or …

Waterparks: Putting the Pop in a Pop-Punk Show

Written by Cappella Santos Brown

I was not by any means front row for Waterparks’ show in San Antonio, Texas, but even from the back of the venue, I felt their energy.

The pop-punk trio from Houston truly took full advantage of the sold-out headlining show to pack a punch in a 60-minute set. In the few years that …

Photos: Navigate The Sky – Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto)

Check out our photos of Navigate The Sky at the Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto, ON) on February 11th. Photos by Josh Moody.

6 Tips For Musicians With Lisa Loeb

Posted on 2 m read

We had the pleasure recently of catching up with Lisa Loeb to pick her brain on being a musician. Below are her top 6 tips for musicians, and even though we aren’t aspiring performers ourselves…I’ll be honest, we’re all feeling pretty inspired. ATB’s debut album dropping in 2018?

You can catch Lisa in Canada this week: tour dates & her new single can be found after …

3 Ways to Throw Yourself a Punk Rock V-Day

Written by Keyena Smith

Do we even need to start a #valentinesdayisoverparty or is it obvious? Either way, let’s continue to shift the meaning of this day to some good ol’ self love! Here are some tips on how to spend your day!

 Listen to music

If you haven’t yet, go listen to the playlist made by Paige, Carley and …