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6 Tips For Musicians With Lisa Loeb

Posted on 2 m read

We had the pleasure recently of catching up with Lisa Loeb to pick her brain on being a musician. Below are her top 6 tips for musicians, and even though we aren’t aspiring performers ourselves…I’ll be honest, we’re all feeling pretty inspired. ATB’s debut album dropping in 2018?

You can catch Lisa in Canada this week: tour dates & her new single can be found after …

3 Ways to Throw Yourself a Punk Rock V-Day

Written by Keyena Smith

Do we even need to start a #valentinesdayisoverparty or is it obvious? Either way, let’s continue to shift the meaning of this day to some good ol’ self love! Here are some tips on how to spend your day!

 Listen to music

If you haven’t yet, go listen to the playlist made by Paige, Carley and …

Tips & Tricks for Women in Music: Performing in Toronto

Written by Keyena Smith

Women and music: it’s a powerful thing. What happens if women use their voices to share their experiences and knowledge with the world? Whether the world knows it or not, women have always helped each other share their stories and women have always empowered each other. It’s only these days that the world is starting to look past the rhetoric …

Artist Spotlight: Declan McKenna

Written by Ava Butera

Looking for a young artist who happens to create great memes but also creates boppin’ tunes? Indie singer-songwriter Declan McKenna may be the one for you.

At only 18, Declan has accomplished way more than others twice his age have even attempted. Between enduring multiple tours in the last two years, releasing two EPs, and debuting …

Twenty One Pilots: New Album Conspiracy Theories

Written by Keyena Smith

Please stop me if I’m getting too Tom DeLonge here, but after obsessively re-scouring all their latest projects, I’ve noticed a couple things worth stating for why I think the next album from Twenty One Pilots is going to be VERY different than anything else we’ve seen from them.

1. They burned their own damn logo

Tour Review: Arkells – Morning Report Tour

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

Hamilton natives and Canadian alt-rock favourites Arkells rocked the Shaw Conference Centre Friday night in Edmonton, Alberta; setting the bar high for any musicians looking to win over Edmontonians in the city later this year.

Kicking off the Canadian leg of their tour for 2016 release, Morning Report, in Vancouver on February 1st, …

Artist Spotlight: Alec Lee

Written by Tori Price

Craving some new music? Look no further.

Alec Lee is a Napa Valley native singer-songwriter and producer who started his career roughly seven years ago. He is known for combining electronics, acoustics and so much more.

His first EP M was released in the summer of 2015. The EP boasted standout tracks like “Don’t …

Brb, Listening To SWMRS

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

SWMRS.  Yes, this is indeed the name of the beach-punk, alternative, modern rock, I-don’t-even-know-how-to-describe-them-because-they’re-so-good band of 20-somethings that are making incredibly enticing music like nothing you’ve heard before.  So good, in fact, you’ll find yourself running out of breath trying to read all of the adjectives crammed into sentences about them.

Immediately upon discovery – …

Uncool Records announces new band Waterloo Teeth

Uncool Records is bringing us a new band to be obsessed with- Waterloo Teeth.

Waterloo Teeth is like an Uncool Records supergroup of sorts. SWMRS‘ Seb Mueller fronts the band with Joey Armstrong on the drums. Jakob Armstrong and Enzo Malaspina of Danger rock the rhythm and lead guitar.

Their first song “Big Green Lawn” sounds like …