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These 4 Bands Are Helping Revive the Riot Grrrl Scene

Written by Ava Butera

The closer and closer we inch away from heavier, punky sounding music the more brilliantly talented punk bands sprawl onto the alternative scene pulling us right back in for more.

In a time when the music industry is heavily dominated by male artists, a small revival of female rock bands are thankfully coming out of the woodwork. If …

Emo Nite: Is it nostalgia if you never stopped listening to that music?

Written by Natasha Heinz

Since the debut of Emo Nite, being in Los Angeles on the first Tuesday of the month is on a lot of people’s bucket list. It may be because Mark Hoppus DJed one of the first editions, the constant presence of Jack Barakat, From First to Last’s reunion show, or the three videos Alternative Press shared from …

10 Tips for Record Collecting

Written by Tori Price

It’s no secret that record collecting has become extremely popular within the last few years. Not only is it a cool collection to build, but there’s something so awesome about being able to hold music in your hands (especially with those cool colored pressings).

So, let’s say that you want to start a collection, but you don’t know …

Fangirls, Sexism, and Abuse, OH MY!

Written by Ava Butera

Picture this: You’re having a blast at a concert, screaming lyrics to your favorite songs and someone mutters the wretched term “fangirl” under their breath. Has this happened to you before? Okay, how about this: You hear a group of guys discussing “harder” bands like Metallica and you chime in to mention how you enjoy their music and the group …

Video Premiere: Former Faces – No Good Reason

If you’re a fan of bands like Tame Impala or old movie footage, then today’s your lucky day: Former Faces has brought us a beautiful combination of both.

Ryan Parmenter has created a soundscape that feels like a dream and a bad acid trip all at once. The bongos keep rhythm in your mind as the ethereal vocals float overhead.

Better than just a great track, …

Beyond The Barricade – Sure

Created by the king of radio, Stan Musial

Want episode 3 of Beyond The Barricade? Sure! 3-piece Toronto outlet Sure has made big strides in a short amount of time. In this instalment, you’ll hear all about the group’s inception up until now, how their creative process works and so much more. In my opinion, this is …

Your Warped Tour Lookbook

Posted on 1 m read

Written by Cappella Santos Brown

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Warped Tour season is upon us once again. Some of us are seasoned veterans, but some of us are Warped Freshmen, so ATB is here to help! Our team has compiled a video series surrounding our favourite summer festival.

This video will help you figure …

The Maine Bring Lovely Little Lonely to Hawai’i After 7 Years

Posted on 7 m read

Written by Shasha Abushara

Hello, earthlings! Today we’re going to be talking about a band called The Maine. Full disclosure: The Maine is my favourite band. Credit for that goes to MySpace, and my older sister finding out about them on MySpace and getting me to listen to them. Okay, let’s begin!

I want to start off by saying …

Beyond The Barricade – Parkside

Posted on 1 m read

Created by the king of radio, Stan Musial

Sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario in their hometown of Oakville, Rob and Cole of Parkside tell us all for this installment of Beyond The Barricade. From their inception all the way until today, through every peak and valley, the boys lay it all on the table- but guess what? …