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The Canvas Foundation is bringing art back to schools

Posted on 10 m read

Written by Rachel Leonard

Every summer, the Vans Warped Tour takes off across the country, bringing fan-favorite and up-and-coming musicians to fans everywhere. The festival also attracts vendors and non-profit organizations that aim to share their messages with teens in the scene. The Canvas Foundation has been traveling with Warped Tour for multiple summers sharing their message and working to provide funding for art …

Warped Tour 101: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on 1 m read

Written by Cappella Santos Brown

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Warped Tour season is upon us once again. Some of us are seasoned veterans, but some of us are Warped Freshmen, so ATB is here to help! Our team has compiled a video series surrounding our favourite summer festival.

The first video of this series …

Dan Luke & the Raid Debut Single “Black Cat Heavy Metal”

Posted on 2 m read

Written by April Garza

Dan Luke & The Raid released the video for their debut single “Black Cat Heavy Metal” earlier this week.

“Black Cat Heavy Metal” is heavy on the bass, light on the drums and delivers a retro sound that you have to clap along to. The video for the tune syncs perfectly with …

4 Independent Artists/Bands You Need to Check Out

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Marko Galic

Being a musician is a very hard thing. It takes years of practice and dedication to master your instrument and I don’t even need to mention how hard is to become a full time musician. I wanted to shout out a few independent bands that are worthy of more recognition.

Destiny Potato

Yes, their …

Revisiting The Used’s “Lies for the Liars” 10 years later

Posted on 4 m read

Written by Natasha Heinz

By 2007, my friends and I had stopped sharing headphones. After two years of sitting side by side in classrooms or during breaks just so that we could listen to the same bands, we didn’t like the same kind of music anymore. One of us got into indie, the other went back to listening to pop and I was still …

How To Deal With Stress at Concerts

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Madeline Cronin

The past month has been a rough one for the music scene after the attack that took place in Manchester, England on May 20th. When an attack on music like this happens it affects the whole music community. While you may feel incredibly anxious and stressed about going to another concert, it’s important to know that music is still a …

The 1975 Conquer Madison Square Garden

Posted on 4 m read

Written by Ava Butera

Third time was truly a charm when I saw The 1975 on June 1st at Madison Square Garden. Dubbed as “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” fans and casual listeners alike knew how important and groundbreaking this night would be for four boys from Manchester that started writing music in a garage.

However, in order for me …

Defend Girls Not Pop Punk: one year of fighting misogyny in the music scene

Posted on 6 m read

Written by Natasha Heinz

You can call Defend Girls Not Pop Punk a concept organization, a campaign, a movement, or whatever else you want. More than that, it is a safe place. That’s what its creators were proud to celebrate last weekend, when it completed one year of existence.

Their project was a reaction to Parker Cannon …