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Artist Spotlight: Bibi Bourelly

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Shasha Abushara

You know when you hear a song and you just know you’re gonna totally binge on that artist’s music? Same, because that’s me pretty much 110% of the time and then those music binges turn into me discovering new artists and wanting to do nothing except support them and get others to love them too! If you’re anything like me …

On The Road: Shooting with Ben Zucker

Posted on 7 m read

Written by Cappella Santos Brown

Ben Zucker, a photographer from the Central Coast of California, grew up loving music. It had such an influence on him that through the years that he transitioned from playing concerts to photographing them. Ever since then, he has been photographing anything that catches his creative eye, occasionally touring with numerous bands. Today, you can catch …

Battle of the Bots: The Ongoing Fight for Concert Tickets

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Madeline Cronin

We’ve all been there: you get online an hour before the tickets go on sale and you wait anxiously until the on sale time arrives. The page loads and you pick tickets and the dreaded “unavailable” notice pops up. You try again and still, the same thing. Now you have to go to an annoying secondhand ticket website and buy …

Can women save Warped Tour 2017?

Posted on 5 m read

Written by Natasha Heinz

It’s 2017, I feel like we shouldn’t have to be talking about this again, but festival season is approaching. Line-ups are being announced and again there’s an astonishing lack of women on the bills. This is not a new thing: lack of representation has been a huge issue, and fans and journalists alike have been calling out festival organizers, especially …

Bad Suns take on Jacksonville

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Ava Butera

To give a little background info about the events leading up to the show, I flew up from Miami, FL to Jacksonville, FL just so I could get the chance to see this band. Bad Suns has been one of, if not my favourite band for about four or five years now. Bad Suns is what got me …

RECORD REWIND- Revisiting Against Me!’s Shape Shift With Me

Posted on 3 m read

If you have been following Against Me! over the last decade, you know that their musical evolution leading up to 2016’s Shape Shift With Me is one to admire. Laura Jane Grace got it right when she wrote the lyrics to “12:03“, singing “I’ve made a lot of miles this year/But the miles don’t mean much when they …

9 Indie Pop Artists Who Deserve Your Attention

Written by Zac Walters

While there are plenty of new, refreshing and creative artists currently in the game, there are without a doubt some we believe deserve more attention. You should probably save these to your library now, because soon they will be taking over the world (we promise).


One thing that could make 2017 better than it has been is …

Photographer spotlight: Brittany O’Brien

Posted on 5 m read

Written by Natasha Heinz

If you ever wondered what it was like being on tour, Brittany O’Brien says it involves a lot of dirt and gas stations. As you can imagine, the music photographer would not change it for anything. The reasons involve drinking on the beach, tropical storms, Pokemon GO (we’ll get to it soon, I promise), and probably also having …

Halsey Teases Hopeless Fountain Kingdom + Theories

Posted on 6 m read

If you’re a Halsey stan, yesterday was far from the first time you’ve heard reference to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, The Kingdom, or HFK. She’s been teasing this since before Badlands, and most notably ended her sold out Madison Square Garden show with “you can find me in the kingdom”.

Last night, Halsey officially announced that Hopeless Fountain Kingdom would …