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Pierce The Veil rock the Rest In Space tour

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

It doesn’t matter if you’re a former emo kid or total astronomy nerd; Pierce The Veil’s Rest In Space tour is where you need to be, like, now.

The tour, which kicked off February 17th in Oregon, held its fifth show of the tour in Edmonton Thursday night, doing no shortage in leaving fans completely unable to process what they just experienced. With outer space as the prominent theme, both Pierce The Veil and openers Crown the Empire incorporated rather – er – “out of this world” props and themes. With CTE featuring inflatable moon men onstage and PTV a gigantic space shuttle (which they emerged from during opener “Dive In”), no fan left the venue that evening without feeling like they had just stepped foot off of an unforgettable moon mission.

Crown the Empire suffered a rather slow beginning. Opening with single “Zero” from their latest record Retrograde, the crowd’s interest failed to spark. Yet as their 6-song set progressed, energy levels shot upwards and the post-hardcore Texas 20-something’s were quite literally gaining fans by the second. By the time closing number (and hit single) “Machines” erupted from the hall, fans (now numbering into the thousands) were throwing themselves over each other as they screamed lyrics back at lead singer Andy Leo. Said energy was aided by none other than Leo’s persistent (yet successful) efforts to get concert-goers “up off [their] feet”, proving he knew exactly what the crowd needed and when. Good on ya’, buddy, your stage presence deserves an A+.

Pierce the Veil, on the other hand, shook the Conference Centre the same way a meteor would shake Earth. From the minute the Californian four-piece emerged onstage out of a FREAKING SPACESHIP, all hell broke loose. New album Misadventures’ opener track “Dive In” found itself in the same position on the band’s setlist; and by the time the chorus rolled around, half the crowd was already flinging their limbs around to the rhythm. As for the other half – they were on TOP of the crowd, forcing poor security guards to do about 3 weeks worth of workouts by the time the show was over.

Following fan favourites “Caraphernelia”, “Texas Is Forever”, and “The Divine Zero”, respectively, frontman Vic Fuentes decided it was time to wreak havoc yet again, announcing that “here at Pierce The Veil, we don’t have rules that say we can’t bring fans onstage”. Unsurprisingly, he proceeded to serenade a lucky teen by the name of Kamryn to “Bulletproof Love”, hypnotizing basically everyone in the room. Hello, Kamryn, can we be you please?

The remaining seven songs of the set saw “Floral and Fading”, “Bulls in the Bronx”, and old-timer “Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides” make a debut, as well as an acoustic rendition of “Stay Away From My Friends”, in which bassist Jamie Precaido became “the first pianist of Pierce the Veil.” “Circles” and “King for a Day” made up the evening’s encore, and although the energy-meter had certainly been higher earlier in the evening, fans still appeared to be having a grand ol’ time as they got blasted with confetti for the third time that night.

The Rest In Space tour, essentially, is a gift from the rock gods. And seriously, if you haven’t made it to a show yet, you’ll be kicking yourself in the behind if you don’t do so soon.


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