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What It’s Like Recording Acoustic with Till I Fall

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Till I Fall

It seems like every time we have been in the studio, we’ve been able to go at it with a different approach. While recording Self Titled, we tracked everything “backwards” from our usual order of things; we saved tracking drums until the last day of being in the studio. Going into recording at that time (December/January of 2016/17) we were transitioning drummers, so we tracked all electric instruments and vocals to a click track and bass drum, which set a way different vibe. Luckily we have a great drummer with Scott Diemler; he’s quick on his feet and is good at hearing music, so it was a smooth and exciting process. Altogether I think we spent 5 days in the studio.

With Acoustic, Zax and I were able to work with Anthony Avila — Zax’s older brother — on all tracking, mixing, and mastering. We spent a day and a half recording in Zax’s living room. Most songs have no more than two or three layers of guitar, not much editing to vocals or anything like that, and that was the intention. We wanted to do a more “simple” set of recordings that were more raw and straightforward. Part of the fun of being in a studio setting for a few days is being able to add “ear candy” — vocal layers, shaker, tambo, etc. But with this, both Zax and I agree we wanted the lyrics and concepts of the songs to be the focus rather than creating a wall-of-sound type record where we just let our ears and imagination take over texturing the music. Both processes were fun and we hope that everyone who checks out our music finds something that can connect with.

Check out Till I Fall’s new acoustic EP below!

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