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Royal Blood is a Catch with “Hook, Line & Sinker”

Posted on 1 m read

Written by April Garza

British rock duo Royal Blood has shared “Hook, Line & Sinker” off their forthcoming album, How Did We Get So Dark?

“Hook, Line & Sinker” kicks off with a bang of whirling bass riffs and tantrum-like stomps. Royal Blood maintained their trademark thunderous sound while singing about lovers who aren’t on the same page. “I’m a slave to your addiction, your¬†affection, and your friction”, sings bassist/singer Mike Kerr.

The music video for “Hook, Line & Sinker” was directed by Ben Lowe. Through a fish eye lens and quick cuts, the video perfectly matches the catastrophic sound of the tune while displaying the intense vibe of Royal Blood’s live shows.

Royal Blood gave fans a first taste of “Hook, Line & Sinker” when they performed the song at Reading Festival way back in the summer of 2015. The track follows previously released single, “Lights Out“.

How Did We Get So Dark? is set to release June 16 via Warner Bros.

If you’re searching for a song to get hyped to, “Hook, Line & Sinker” is the one.

Are you as stoked as we are about Royal Blood’s new music?

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