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Still + Storm & The Smell of Teen Spirit

Posted on 2 m read

By Rachel Raymond of Still + Storm

Kurt Cobain’s influence through Nirvana is something that has stood the test of time, and his voice of rebellion and acceptance is something the world needs in 2018. With the recent anniversary of his passing last week, him and his legacy are on our minds more than ever. If you think about it, we have an entire generation who connect with their teen angst in a new way because of bands like Nirvana, including Rachel of Still + Storm who turned it into art. Check out her story, and you can find their new video below!

Still + Storm x Jaret Ferratusco

As trite as it may be, Nirvana changed my life. I since have been moved by many other great artists, but Nirvana was my polestar in those formative years. I was 13 when In Utero was released and 14 when Kurt Cobain passed. By the time it reached my periphery, I was too late to actually see them perform live. I was, however, at the exact right time in my life to absorb the angst that still lives on in their records today.

Like a lot of teenagers, I was dealing with anxiety and feelings of alienation back in those days. Nirvana’s aesthetic resonated with me… indifference, rebellion, hair-dying, ripped clothes, depression, anger. It was validating. Not to mention the sounds I was hearing! Quiet and loud, crunchy and catchy. I could finally relate to music on a personal level. Nirvana, and grunge in general, was a fitting soundtrack to adolescent life.

Still + Storm by Jaret Ferratusco

Still + Storm by Jaret Ferratusco

Seeing Kurt Cobain perform on TV made me want to play guitar. My brother had an acoustic I would borrow and I taught myself to read tablature. It was so satisfying to be able to choke out  those chords in a semblance of what sounded like a Nirvana song. I honestly don’t know if I would have been as drawn to writing my own music otherwise.

This was the 90s, a time when my friends and I would hang the local music stores amongst the rows of CDs. I would hunt for Nirvana B-sides and imports, then listen to them in one of our bedrooms under black lights. It was a total sensory experience. Those sensations are forever locked safe inside my soul.

Check out Still + Storm’s video for “All Of These Things” below!

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