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The Faim: The Moments That Inspired Our New Fave Band

Posted on 2 m read
We’ve been loving Australian music lately. It seems like their scene is pumping out incredible bands at a speed we can’t keep up with, but aren’t complaining! Today, it’s The Faim. We can only describe their single “Saints of the Sinners” as a football anthem for America’s most emo NFL team. Plus, they’ve got the Pete Wentz stamp of approval: he cowrote the track. Working with our faves from Mark Hoppus to Josh Dun to Ashton Irwin, this band is destined to be at the top of our playlists for the rest of the year.
Stephen Beerkens chatted with us a bit about some of his inspirations and important music moments that got us to this point right now. Check it out, and be sure to listen to their new track “Saints of the Sinners” below!
 The Faim press photo taken by Max Fairclough

What was your favourite childhood memory involving music?
When I was in primary school and just starting to learn piano, I would play ‘Beautiful Sunday’ by Daniel Boone as a duet with my dad. However, I always liked playing a game where I would run a lap around the house at the start of the verse and try to make it back in time to play the hook.
What was an important moment in your life involving being a fan of a band (or music in general)?
An important moment was definitely going to my very first concert, which was a Muse arena show. I was left in awe of the many things that culminate to make a great performance: musicianship, stage presence, production, sound, lighting etc. This was a huge moment where I realised how much I wanted to play in a band and reach the level where people would think the same way about our live performance.
The Faim press photo taken by Max Fairclough

Photo by Max Fairclough

Was there a band or album that inspired The Faim into existence?
One band that was a huge inspiration to us was 5 Seconds of Summer. The way that they formed and progressed as a band really resonated with us in our early days. They’re 4 mates from Australia who went to school together, have a love for music, and achieved great things as a band. We always thought, if they can do it, there’s no reason why we can’t do it either.

Watch The Faim’s “Saints of the Sinners” video below!

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