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6 Tips For Musicians With Lisa Loeb

Posted on 2 m read

We had the pleasure recently of catching up with Lisa Loeb to pick her brain on being a musician. Below are her top 6 tips for musicians, and even though we aren’t aspiring performers ourselves…I’ll be honest, we’re all feeling pretty inspired. ATB’s debut album dropping in 2018?

You can catch Lisa in Canada this week: tour dates & her new single can be found after her A+ advice!

6 Tips For Musicians with Lisa Loeb

1.  Practice what you do.  If you’re a writer, write. If you’re a player, play. If you’re a singer, sing.

2. Don’t be afraid to collaborate.  You can learn a lot from others and they can learn from you.  It’s also good company!

3. Learn the business of music.  You should know how things work so that you can contribute, ask questions, and make things happen.

4. Don’t be afraid to get advice or direction from friends or professionals who know what they’re doing.  Sometimes someone can listen to what you’re doing or watch your stage show and give you constructive criticism and a perspective on what you’re doing which can be very helpful.

5. Get sleep.  Women often multi-task. Generally it’s a good idea to sleep so that you can fully function.

6. For women specifically- be unapologetic, be opinionated, don’t take the back seat or think of yourself as less.

Tour Dates

Feb 16 – Tillsonburg, ON (Sammy Krenshaw’s)

Feb 17 – Oakville, ON (Oakville Centre For The Performing Arts)

Feb 18 – Ottawa, ON (Centerpointe Theater)

Lisa Loeb gives good advice. What advice would you give to musicians?

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