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Tips For The Pit – Concerts 101

Posted on 4 m read

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

Concerts. Your grandma loves them. Your cat loves them. Everyone loves a good concert, and honestly, who wouldn’t? Concerts, however, come in many different sizes – and it seems that the best ones (in a totally genre-biased way) tend not to have seats. Which isn’t a bad thing, for the most part.

Behold the have the general admission concert, possibly one of the greatest and worst inventions for music lovers. Typically, the venues are smaller than a giant arena, which is nice because close proximity to the artist is always a bonus. Sometimes having the chance to get sweat on by your fav musician means the arms belonging to the girl behind you are pressed against your back in an uncomfortable stance for the whole night. Far from enjoyable, right? Don’t blame the girl, though, she probably can’t help it.

Concert pits can be crazy, especially for pit newbies, but don’t fret. We’re here to make sure you can get sweat on AND have a good time. Let us introduce our guide of concert pit (and concerts in general) do’s and don’ts.

  1. DO expect to get bumped into or pushed a couple of times. Pits are called “pits” for a reason – they’re essentially a pile of people. The closer to the stage, the less people tend to mind having others’ sweat on their t-shirts. So If you like your personal space, try hanging back a bit.
  2. DON’T scream the entire time. Cheering is fine. Yelling is fine. Even screaming is fine, as long as it has a purpose. Screeching at the top of your lungs just to make noise, however, can be irritating for those around you; especially if you’re not shouting words.
  3. DO dress appropriately. Don’t wear sandals in a pit, unless you want your toes to be stepped on and broken. Consider that t’s likely to be warm, even inside in the middle of winter, so avoid jackets and sweaters. Everything else is pretty much a go. Heels might make your feet sore and hair could get ripped out if it’s down and long, but those issues are easy fixes that don’t need to be explained.
  4. DON’T show up late and expect to push your way all the way up to barricade, or cut in line. There’s nothing wrong with squeezing through spaces between people to try and get closer, but don’t push anyone. Nobody wants to be shoved – unless maybe they’re in a circle pit, which is another story. Once you reach the place where the crowd is shoulder-to-shoulder, just stop. Show up earlier if you want to be closer.
  5. DO let loose. Dance. Mosh. Sing. It’s a concert, it’s what you’re supposed to do. Go with the flow of the crowd. Nobody cares if you look like an idiot, just have fun.
  6. DON’T make out without your significant other the whole time. Look, there’s nothing wrong with a little PDA, and there’s nothing wrong with a lot, either. Concert pits, though? There’s people you don’t know in very close proximity, trying to enjoy the concert, not a real-life rom com. A smooch here or there is fine – but a steady makeout sesh during every song of the entire set? It can get uncomfortable for the people around you, so maybe try moving to a place in the venue where the bodies aren’t so compact.
  7. DO enjoy the show. There is nothing more annoying than watching a concert through a phone screen, especially if it’s the person in front of you who won’t put theirs down. And, believe me, you’ll regret filming the entire thing three weeks later anyways when your phone runs out of storage.
  8. Tying in to the last point, DON’T Snapchat the whole thing. The concert means way more to you than it does to the people viewing your story, so enjoy the show for yourself! One or two videos is fine – but if your snap buddies wanted to be there, they’d buy a ticket.
  9. DO respect other people around you. Sometimes it happens when people need to get out of the pit for various reasons. Don’t get angry, they probably can’t help it. Instead, help them get out safely. And it goes vice-versa, make sure those around you stay safe. If you’re a tall dude wanting to crowd surf, avoid crushing small people. Make sure you’re surfing where there’s people who can hold you up.
  10. DON’T bring signs or posters. Literally everyone behind you will be pissed, and with valid reason. You’re blocking their view!
  11. DO enjoy the moment. Cheesy, yes, but that’s why you’re there! It’s not every day you get to experience live talent, so make the most of it and just have fun.

There ‘ya have it. 11 tips to better your concert and pit experiences for not only you, but the people around you. You’re all there for the same reason, so respect one another and you’ll all have a better time. Who knows – maybe you’ll even meet a new friend or significant other.

Do you have any tips for making pits the best experience possible?

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