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What is Fall Out Boy up to?

Written by April Garza

Well, well, well. It seems as though Fall Out Boy has been up to something. But don’t you worry, we’ve got all the evidence!

We’re not 100% sure about what exactly FOB is dropping, but it’s coming April 27th at noon EST!! The project was originally intended to drop April 28th but Pete (bless his soul) announced they decided to move it up a day.

Let’s take it back to the beginning so we can figure out what’s really going on here.

On April 21st, Fall Out Boy sent the internet into a whirlwind with a single Instagram post. The post was a video by Maniac Entertainment Group with the message, “Chicago, please silence your cell phones at 11 am CST.” The caption of the post was a list of movie theaters in Chicago.


A post shared by Fall Out Boy (@falloutboy) on

When fans showed up at the select movie theaters, they caught this teaser.

Back to the main question, what is Fall Out Boy up to?

While the specifics still remain a mystery, there’s one major clue that hardly anyone remembers.

Last year, Pete Wentz Instagram’d a picture of Fall Out Boy’s entire discography and he managed to throw in a little hint that the next FOB album will be purple by captioning the photo, “One day we gotta make a purple one”. Hmm…what has every teaser had in common? A purple aesthetic.

Whether you’re convinced yet or not, here’s one last clue that hints toward an album.

Pete Wentz’s record label, DCD2, tweeted this yesterday. MIC DROP.

Looks like there’s a new Fall Out Boy album headed our way. Whether that album is coming our way tomorrow, that’s still unknown. The best bet would be a new song and/or music video to kick off the new purple era. Hey, Fall Out Boy! Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, but we’re ready for purple!

What do you think Fall Out Boy is teasing? New album? New song?

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