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The story behind “Witch Hunt” with VISTA

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Hope & Greg of VISTA


After our last tour (“The Oasis Tour” in November), we relaxed for a few weeks and thought about what we wanted to accomplish in 2018. We didn’t want to rush to put out another EP, “Long Live” had just come out in July. But the idea of steady content is appealing to us, so we flew down to ZK Productions in Atlanta, a production duo I’d previously worked with. We had absolutely nothing written, I had a few title ideas and lyrical concepts, but no music, lyrics, melodies. Nothing. We’d never done that before either, so we thought taking an opposite approach to our normal could potentially give us a strong product. We also realized, as trivial as this sounds, that VISTA has a sort of sexual or sensual undertone to all of our music and branding. We thought, ‘hey, maybe we can sort of capitalize on that, it’s a unique factor to our branding and genre.’ With all of that married together, plus the electronic and alternative elements that inspired our last EP “Long Live,” we had an updated formula that was still VISTA, but just enhanced. “Witch Hunt” still has that anger, that passion, but we’ve taken that emotion and upped that sensuality.

VISTA photo by Holly Turner

Photo by Holly Turner


I think this song has such a peculiar story that probably won’t be told much. So basically, on that last tour in November, we had a rough time. Not to say some days weren’t great, but it definitely wasn’t an easy thing to get through. The reasons for it being so hard were all external. We stayed together as a unit and moved through everything together, even when frustrated at each other, so I think that’s why we’re standing stronger than ever now. However, during those few weeks we were on tour in November, there were MANY sexual assault/abuse allegations coming out about people whose music/art we have enjoyed over the years. We were already dealing with logistical issues on tour, so for this shitstorm to be happening on the internet at the same time… it was a crazy thing to deal with and process together. What me and Hope didn’t know at the time is that we both had the exact same idea for a future song at the exact same moment. We didn’t tell each other until January before heading into the studio. I think that’s so funny. We both had the SAME idea of writing about a “Witch Hunt” / “who can you trust?” scenario; one that is fairly prevalent in today’s society. I also think it’s even funnier that Trump is starting to say Witch Hunt everywhere now as well. We should have copyrighted it, even though that’s kind of impossible, haha.

Check out VISTA’s new track “Witch Hunt” below!

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